Carlos Sagrera


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Patterns focuses on the recent paintings by Spanish artist Carlos
Sagrera, who lives and works in Leipzig, Germany. Sagrera is a young
talent and belongs to a new generation of contemporary painters
who is inspired by the New Leipzig School. We follow the painter
in his quest for fading memories and capturing human mannerisms.
He focuses on characteristic behavioural and organisational structures
that, when recurrent, turn into patterns. These patterns condense
into the essence of expressive form and are thus able to survive
the passing of time.
Through the growing oeuvre of Sagrera’s work we see a passionate,
hard-working artist who continues to build on his chosen path but
does not shy away from experimentation. We hope that this book is
the next step in contributing to the widely supported recognition of
Carlos Sagrera as a major artist of our time.

Dit boek presenteert met drie generaties Amerikaanse en Europese kunstenaars een uniek overzicht van... € 25,50